Thrupenny Guitars is an artisan company using the skills obtained in many years of wood working experience. Using a small but well equipped workshop each guitar and guitar case is produced on an individual basis to customer requirements.

Individuality means no two guitars are exactly alike, components are chosen to compliment the wood colour so that each item compliments the final product.

T-Style and Heraldic Styles can be in laid with exotic woods to enhance appearance and design.

Thrupenny Guitars do not make our own pickups, machine heads, bridges and control panels etc.,
we source them from reputable manufacturer’s Axetec or Axerus. Choice of manufacturer is dependent ability to compliment the design.

Our work ethic is to provide our customer’s with a unique product that they can enjoy and use for many years.

For beautifully hand-crafted bespoke guitars call us on 01239 810675 / 07813 655891 or email us at info@thrupenny-guitars.co.uk