Thrupenny Guitars  [T-Style]

Thrupenny Guitars is situated in rural West Wales and is known for its hand made electric guitars.

Thrupenny guitars are made from natural woods using the wood grain to create an attractive guitar body shape and style.

We specialise in T-Style guitars although other styles can be undertaken.

Thrupenny Guitar bodies are created from a single piece of timber this is to highlight the wood grain pattern to its best effect.

Thrupenny Guitars also use veneers and inlays to enhance a design or create a more dramatic grain pattern.

Thrupenny Guitars: [Heraldic Styles]

Thrupenny Guitars are introducing their new design of guitars based on Heraldic Shields and codes. Design can be co-ordinated with the customer to achieve their desired requirement.

The new range is a departure from the traditional style of electric guitar in so much as the body shape is very different; the exotic wood inlays or stained pyro-graphic design give each guitar a unique customised appearance.

Component parts used in the construction of thrupenny guitars, such as pick-ups; bridges; machine heads; control panels; strings are chosen from our suppliers AXERUS and AXETEC , this provides Thrupenny guitars with a wide range of design options when constructing our guitars.

Thrupenny guitars can provide guitars with a sprayed high gloss finish or a natural oil/wax finish.


For beautifully hand-crafted bespoke guitars call us on 01239 810675 / 07813 655891 or email us at