Thrupenny Guitars is situated in rural West Wales, and is known for its hand made guitar cases as well as electric guitars.

Thrupenny Guitar cases are made of a high quality laminated wood.

Guitar case lids can be veneered with a more exotic wood enhancing its appearance.

A representative guitar image can be incorporated into the veneer to increase the enhanced design and look.

A pyro-graphic image can be burned into the lid, or a stencilled image can be affixed to the lid; images can be enhanced with colour wood stains to produce a unique guitar for the owner.

Internally the guitar case can be lined with patterned or plain material as selected by the customer. The customer can even provide their own material if they wish.

We obtain our wood from sustainable sources, in some instances from locally felled trees; we recycle all our waste products using local recycling depot, licensed waste disposal and finally composting for our own garden.


For beautifully hand-crafted bespoke guitars call us on 01239 810675 / 07813 655891 or email us at